What is the ESTA Visa Waiver and How Does It Help Australian Travelers?

Australian travelers applicants are expected to submit pertinent data to be able to evaluate their eligibility to the United States for traveling. ESTA doesn’t guarantee entry and the final decision will be made by Border Security Officials . There are a number of prerequisites that must be fulfilled before traveling with no Visa to the USA: Travelers with nationalities might be denied entry if they’re citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan. Restrictions also apply to people who have traveled to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iran or Yemen. Visitors may be asked to give proof that they have communicable diseases or no health conditions that would make them ineligible for entry. ESTA application might not be necessary for entrance to the US via Canada or esta visaMexico by land. Again, the determination will be made by border officials. Travelers might need to give evidence that they have sufficient funds to support themselves. This evidence will have to be provided to border security officers. Entry may be refused if it’s determined that funds are available. Citizens of countries participating in the VWP will be permitted entry into the US. Travelers may not remain for a period. Entries may be included by these 90 days but are inclusive of time spent in the islands, Mexico and Canada surrounding the United States. Border officials may re-evaluate by border officials at every re-entry admission. All travelers must arrive on a Signatory carrier. If entry is refused for any reason carriers have an agreement to reunite travelers. VWP candidates will be denied entry if they’ve been found to have a criminal record. The date on the passport must be valid for a period of 6 months. Application who have Australian passports should be made before the date of travel. Traveler’s coming by private transportation via sea or air might not travel under the USA Visa Waiver Program. 

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